Secret Shopper

One of the most important aspects of your restaurant or bar is the hospitality that is shown to each guest. In this day and age of uncertainty, it is imperative that your operation has in place the best people with the highest integrity.

Secret shopping is a great way to understand your restaurant’s hospitality from the guests’ perspective. Yes, we get a lot of feedback on social media—and while many on social media go overboard in their critiques, many do not.

I always have to remind managers and teams that, yes, you may not think this review accurately reflects your restaurant… but what if it really does?

The best way to find out is through a secret shopping service, and Alta’s Kitchen is here to provide you with this very important insight into your restaurant.

First, we will design the secret shopper report to target the areas you feel are not up to the standards of your operation. Our secret shoppers will go into your restaurant, assess the areas of service and give you a grade point for each—and then we will go one step further than most shopping report companies and provide you with a plan of action. Some of those items we can create for you and work with you to improve. Or, you can take the information provided and create your own plan of attack.

In addition, our secret shopper can also do an “Integrity Shopper Report” for your bar and lounge. As we are a business of pennies, the area where you can face the most loss is your bar. From drinks not being included on checks to a bartender not ringing in each drink, our experienced shoppers can find out for you if your bar and lounge are running with integrity, or if there are areas of concern that you need to address.

For more information, please contact us to set up a meeting so we can go through the challenges you face and work with you to find a path forward.